How to Join!

Complete the Packet

Stock photo of a hand filling out paperwork

Please complete online registration and $25 to one of our upcoming meetings.

Complete Recruit Training

Young Marine Recruits in formation at night.

This training lasts 26 or more hours depending on the study habits of the youth.

Continue to be Great

Group photo of the Miami Valley Young Marines.

Upon graduation you earn your uniform and can continue to learn and grow within our program as a Young Marine.  Young Marines earn rank and awards like in the military for their achievements, service to the community, and more.

Class Begins on 21 March

Informational Videos

History of the Young Marines program.

A Year in the life of a Young Marine.

Cost to Join - $250

As a non-profit we cannot offer these items for free. However, we also don't want a youth turned away just because of cost. If you need assistance please talk to the unit paymaster to discuss options.